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Welcome to the Sky Blue Pink Girls blog!  That's us up there ^.  From left to right, Chanin, Janae, Deb and Kylie.  Deb is the mom and the others, well, we are her daughters.  We started this blog because each one of us is in a different place in our lives and we thought it would be fun to share our experiences with you!  You can expect a lot of different types of posts on this blog, so we hope you enjoy!  Oh, and you might wonder where we got our name.  Well, Deb's mom, and grandma to the rest of us, her favorite color was Sky Blue Pink.  It's kind of a tribute to her.  She passed away almost 20 years ago and we all miss her so much.  She had ovarian cancer and now Janae is fighting Breast Cancer, so the pink is fitting and the sky blue is for looking up towards heaven at our angel. :)  Please comment if you visit so we can stop by your blog and visit too! :)

Hi!  I'm Chanin!  I'm the oldest of the daughters...38 right now.  I have 4 girls ages, 15, 9, 7, and 5!  I am a stay at home mom and CEO of our household.  My husband is CEO of a non-profit in Cincinnati, Ohio called Matthew 25 Ministries.  I love movies, reading, crafts and all things girly.  My posts will usually be about recipes, crafts, my girls, fixing up my new house, natural DIY cleaners, stuff like that! :)

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